Corporate venturing, intrapreneurship and innovation through project acceleration.

We are focused on driving corporate revenue growth through structured access to startup innovations.


Start up’s & Corporate


Many startups do not reach scale because they might not have the skills, the funding, or access to the right distribution network.

Since its inception, The Net Street applies the successful entrepreneurial experience of its founders, covering all the phases of the startup growth from the  digital business model to the sale of the startup to a corporation. The Net Street provides active business acceleration through funding or intense project management involvement.



Corporations need innovation to sustain growth and profit. However, these companies tend to have problems of coming up with such radical innovation internally and they don’t have the network to find the very early stage companies that could provide this. The big companies have all the assets and skills to scale things, but first they need to find them. We help your company with finding the right startupmanaging the dealflow of projects and creating and sourcing innovation from the digital concept to corporate finance advising.





We help companies provide specific innovation outputs through a coaching and acceleration process.


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 We can customize the process to company innovation challenges, current project acceleration, intrapreneurship development programs. 


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