Insurtech Book

Insurtech book is a practical guide that reviews step by step all the relevant aspects to successfully create a startup that in a collaborative way with incumbents or in a disruptive way brings value to the insurance industry.

Jorge Blasco's experience on multiple technology company boards has given him an insider's view on how all sectors have been transformed by digital disruption.
He now shares his experience as an entrepreneur and investor in the confluence of technology with the insurance sector, very much anchored in the technological legacy it has received.

Digitalization and new technologies have generated new business models, new competitors and changes in customer behavior in practically all sectors of the economy in recent decades.
The insurance sector is no stranger to these profound changes that are impacting it and will impact it more in the coming years. But not only insurtech leveraged on Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain are capturing a part of the market occupied by traditional insurers, large technology companies, Big-Tech, pose a threat to the sector but can also be understood as an opportunity for collaboration.

Jorge Blasco provides us with his knowledge as a digital entrepreneur, as well as the practical resources he uses as an investment analyst to understand how to create business models based on technology in the insurance sector.