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    We are insurtech and fintech founders and investors



    We have built from scratch insurtech companies, scale them up and in some cases we have sold the company to corporate investors.


    We invest from in our fund in outstanding teams transforming the insurance industry throuhg technology. We are specially focused on blockchain and AI disruptors.

    Business case Insurtech: Coverfy

    We have participated as advisors, and now investors in the first digital broker operating in Spain. Coverfy put the customer in the center providing the best coverage and prices based on their needs through an AI recommendation engine gathering data from a wallet app

    Our team has a wide knowledge of the insurance industry

    Insurtech Book

    Insurtech book is a practical guide that reviews step by step all the relevant aspects to successfully create a startup that in a collaborative way with incumbents or in a disruptive way brings value to the insurance industry

    Insurtech program

    The technological revolution has multiplied the sales channels and modified the customer journey. Adapt to change and position products and services according to the new logic of the market.

    Insurtech expertise

    The net street Insurtech practice is led by founder and principal partner Jorge Blasco, and spans a team of directors, sector principals and analysts with an excellent understanding of the insurtech, fintech and enterprise software sectors.

    The Net Street team members have significant strategic and operational experience gained while working amongst other at board level internationally across banking, insurance, retail and government, and have led transactions in brokerage, digital insurace wallets, neoinsurance and software as a service providers for the insurance and banking industries.

    The net street has a deep knowledge of the innovation challenges and tecquisition needs of the insurance players across the globe.

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