M&A Advisory: Mergers and adquisitions strategy

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    For the most important transaction of your life, put The Net Street on your side

    For the most important transaction of your life, you deserve the better. You need a global search process for the partner that will give you a maximum price, optimum structure, minimal taxes, reasonable non-compete, minimal liability and an integration plan to take care of employees. This is the right outcome for your company. To do it right, you need professional expertise. Based on building, scaling up and selling tech companies, The Net street has developed the “Tech M&A method” to assist sellers in preparing the company for the process.

    Mergers and adquisitions advisory process

    Prepare the company to be acquired

    Do you have a business plan? Are you ready for DD and data room? Do you have Initial valuation expectations? Are your financials in order? Start off on the right foot by knowing the answers to these questions. Preparing a stand alone and a synergic plan is the best way to show value to the investor. Financial modeling and valuation analysis are key at this stage. Additionally, we provide interim management and collaborate with the company’s preparation for the transaction.

    Investor screening

    Identify the right buyer for your company through an accurate analysis of the value creation drivers leveraged on your technology. Screen initial interest, including price, valuation, terms and structure. Where do you stand relative to competitors? Coordinate initial meetings, conference calls, and site visits. Filter investors and buyers into categories to match the right one to your company.

    Marketing your business to several potential, interested investors

    Do you have a message for each partner? What NDA´s are needed? Prepare the customized documentation to easily explain your business plan and the potential synergies after the acquisition.

    Negotiating the sale

    What is the valuation? Rise Letter of intent and help draft and negotiate definitive Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA) and related deal documentation negotiation. How do we control the due diligence? Coordinating lawyers and aligning stakeholders is fundamental to a successful exit. We are involved throughout the negotiation process, carrying on due diligence, and validating the deal by providing legal advice.

    Closing the deal

    Achieving the very best possible outcome for you, the seller, not only in terms of price but also the legacy and your employees. Pay attention to "Reps and Warranties", payment terms and post-closing events.


    How to engage and retain key employees? What are the reporting procedures? Who is in charge of the transition? Be sure that your company is well integrated and your employees keep a clear path to continuity

    The role of an M&A advisor

    • Advise on the deal structure

      Finding the right investor is the priority to have a successful M&A outcome.
    • Execute the deal successfully

      Proper preparation, valuation, confidential access to international strategic and financial buyers is required to the most important transaction in your life.
    • Maximize Price

      Securing the offers and price you deserve requires deep industry knowledge. Most owner´s efforts to sen end in failure due to the lack of experience in positioning, research, valuation, contracts, taxes and liabilities.
    • Optimize the outcome for shareholders

      Negotiating with only one buyer is not the best scenario, besides, the number of potential buyers is expanding.

    Why do you need an M&A advisor?


    Serial entrepreneurs and CEOs advising CEOs. Sharp International Team with operational experience in technology-driven Businesses

    Know How

    The Net Street founding team have built from scratch, scaled and sold technology companies across multiple industries.


    Strong engagement with top US, European and Asian VC and Private Equity Funds. We handle every transaction in a safe and secure environment to guarantee confidentiality

    Industry Specific

    Industry expertise coming from our past entrepreneurial experience or helping founders to scale and sell their business


    Our satisfied clients set the excellent service we constantly deliver. We work under a strict ethical code driven by our principles and values

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    Faqs M&A advisory


    What is a Acquisition Advisor?

    An acquisition advisor or M&A advisor is a firm that provides financial and strategic advice to successfully carry on a sell-side transaction

    What is the purpose of M&A?

    M&A or Mergers and acquisitions is a term that describes the consolidation of companies through various types of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, purchase of assets, and management buy-in acquisitions (MBI) or Management buy-out (MBO)

    How much does M&A advisory cost?

    The cost of the M&A advisory services depends on multiple aspects like the size of the transaction and is based on a balance risk share through a retainer and a commission success fee.

    Is M&A Financial Advisory?

    M&A has a strong compound of financial advisory however in the technology M&A advisory strategy advisory and investor screening is even more relevant.

    What is the difference between M&A advisory firms and investment banks?

    Investment bankers are typically focused on large transactions where the financial advisory is the key. M&A Technology advisory needs additional knowledge of the disrupting technologies, new business models, and new consumer trends to elaborate a proper synergic fit with the buyer.

    How long it takes to sell a company?

    A typical M&A process last from 6 to 12 months. However our team has developed a unique methodology to reduce radically the lead time to close a deal.

    What's my company worth?

    The only way to determine the true value of your company is to ask the market – but as the leading authority of privately-held software company valuations, The net Street can help.